Morning Photoart

A big dollop of passion,

a great chunk of creativity,

a bucket full of love.

Those are the things we carry in our hearts every time we step into someone’s life.

We love to hear your story. What is it that makes your eyes twinkle? What’s the reason behind every giggle? What are those life’s sparks are made of? Most importantly, we want to be there to witness it firsthand, camera at hands, ready to capture every single of your life’s precious moment.

So years from now, you can look at those artistic pictures and relive the moments.

Based in Jakarta – Indonesia, Morning Photoart offers a wide range of life photography services: maternity, new born until toddler, birthday coverage, pets, etc.

Don’t let your precious moments pass by without any means to preserve it. Let us help you capture the love, the laughter and freeze the moments.